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The extras/kernelmatrixshader.js module. To import all symbols in this module, either of the following can be used:

import * from "extras/kernelmatrixshader.js";
// -- or --
import * as CustomModuleName from "extras/kernelmatrixshader.js";



module:extras/kernelmatrixshader.kernelMatrixShader (constant)

GLSL shader code for a family of image processing filters, such as blurring, sharpening, edge detection, and embossing, that process each pixel and its neighbors. This filter takes a 3x3 matrix called a convolution kernel, which gives the contribution of each pixel's color to the final color. All the numbers in the matrix usually add up to 1. An example of a convolution kernel:

[ 0, 1/8, 0,
1/8, 1/2, 1/8,
0, 1/8, 0 ]

This matrix means that the destination pixel will have 1/2 of the original pixel's color, and 1/8 of the colors of its 4 adjacent pixels. Note that this example adds up to 1. \*\*Blur filtered image\*\* \*\*Edge detect filtered image\*\* This shader program takes three uniforms: "sample", the source texture; "textureSize", the width and height of the texture in pixels; "matrix", the 3x3 convolution kernel.

(static) module:extras/kernelmatrixshader.getKernelMatrix(kind)

Creates a 3x3 (9-element) kernel matrix for using as the "matrix" uniform of the kernel matrix shader.


Return Value

The created matrix. (Type: Array.<number>)

(static) module:extras/kernelmatrixshader.normalizeKernelInPlace(matrix)

TODO: Not documented yet.


Return Value

Return value. (Type: *)

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