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HTML 3D Utility Library

Download source code: ZIP file

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A public domain JavaScript library for easing the development of HTML 3D applications.

API documentation is found at: or

The file "h3du_min.js" is a minified single-file version of the library. Include it in your HTML as follows:

  <script type="text/javascript" src="h3du_min.js"></script>

Source Code and Building

Source code is available in the project page.

To build, you will need a Java runtime environment, Ruby, and a JavaScript environment that supports npm.

Overview and Demos

For a list of demos, as well as detailed instructions on using this library and a summary of the library's features, visit:

Other Sites


  // Create the 3D scene; find the HTML canvas and pass it
  // to Scene3D.
  var scene=new H3DU.Scene3D(document.getElementById("canvas"));
  var sub=new H3DU.Batch3D()
   // Set the perspective view.  Camera has a 45-degree field of view
   // and will see objects from 0.1 to 100 units away.
   // Move the camera back 40 units.
  // Create a box mesh 10 units in size
  var mesh=H3DU.Meshes.createBox(10,20,20);
  // Create a shape based on the mesh and give it a red color
  var shape=new H3DU.Shape(mesh).setColor("red");
  // Add the shape to the scene
  // Create a timer
  var timer={};
  // Set up the render loop
   // Update the shape's rotation
   var q=H3DU.Math.quatFromTaitBryan(
     360 * H3DU.getTimePosition(timer,time,6000),
     360 * H3DU.getTimePosition(timer,time,12000),
   // Render the scene


See the history page to find information about what has changed in this library.

Possible Later Improvements

  • Support "deg", "grad", "rad", and "turn" in CSS color hue parsing


Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain.

If you like this, you should donate to Peter O. (original author of the Public Domain HTML 3D Library) at: