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Contains constants for assigning semantics to uniforms and vertex attributes.


H3DU.Semantic.BITANGENT (constant)

Attribute semantic for a bitangent vector.

H3DU.Semantic.COLOR (constant)

Attribute semantic for a color. The default shader uses 3-component colors.

H3DU.Semantic.CUSTOM (constant)

Attribute semantic for custom attributes.

H3DU.Semantic.JOINT (constant)

Attribute semantic for a skinning joint.

H3DU.Semantic.JOINTMATRIX (constant)

Uniform semantic for a joint matrix.

H3DU.Semantic.MODEL (constant)

Uniform semantic for a model matrix.

H3DU.Semantic.MODELVIEW (constant)

Uniform semantic for a model-view matrix.


Uniform semantic for the inverse of the 3x3 transpose of the model-view matrix.


Uniform semantic for a model-view-projection matrix.

H3DU.Semantic.NORMAL (constant)

Attribute semantic for a vertex normal. The default shader uses 3-dimensional normals.

H3DU.Semantic.POSITION (constant)

Attribute semantic for a vertex position. The default shader uses 3-dimensional positions.

H3DU.Semantic.PROJECTION (constant)

Uniform semantic for a projection matrix.

H3DU.Semantic.TANGENT (constant)

Attribute semantic for a tangent vector.

H3DU.Semantic.TEXCOORD (constant)

Attribute semantic for a texture coordinate.

Note that the default shader supports only 2-dimensional texture coordinates. For such texturing tasks as mapping a square to a trapezoid, 3-dimensional texture coordinates are useful to ensure the texturing is perspective-correct. In this case, the 3-D texture coordinates are converted to 2-D by dividing the X and Y components by the Z component. In a fragment shader, this can look like the following code: texCoord.xy/texCoord.z.

H3DU.Semantic.VIEW (constant)

Uniform semantic for a view matrix.

H3DU.Semantic.VIEWINVERSE (constant)

Uniform semantic for an inverse view matrix.

H3DU.Semantic.WEIGHT (constant)

Attribute semantic for a skinning weight.

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