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new H3DU.TextureAtlas()

A texture atlas specifies the location and size of images within a single texture. It is useful when multiple different images should be drawn at once without having to load multiple textures or doing multiple texture binds. Instead, those images can be packed into one texture and the application can draw different portions of that texture at once. The texture atlas can specify where those portions are found.

This implementation supports the ".atlas" format.

NOTE: The constructor should not be called directly by applications. Use the TextureAtlas.load method to get an H3DU.TextureAtlas object.

This class is considered a supplementary class to the Public Domain HTML 3D Library and is not considered part of that library.

To use this class, you must include the script "extras/text.js"; the class is not included in the "h3du_min.js" file which makes up the HTML 3D Library. Example:

<script type="text/javascript" src="extras/text.js"></script>

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